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Electra Batterie

Founded in 1992 in Casablanca, the company produces cables for telephone networks, air and underground.

The company has facilities in technology, which not only participate in the development of public and private Moroccan telephone networks, but also to export some of its production to African countries.

Afrique Cables has also specialized in manufacturing of starter batteries and energy in the Electra brand. It is the first brand of batteries 100% Moroccan. In addition, Electra regularly conducts public relations among its prescribers: resellers, dealers for the starter battery, NGOs and local communities to promote renewable energy in order to consolidate its position locally.

Electra is certified ISO TS 169497 - Certification ISO / TS 16949 is specific to the automotive industry. It aims to develop a management system based on continuous improvement in performance.

Afrique Cables is the first cable company Ynna Holding to be certified ISO 9002 since 1996.



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